Marriage of Adam and Eve (Vatican Library, Reg. lat. 25, f. 3r).Founded in 1962, THE MIDWEST MEDIEVAL HISTORY CONFERENCE has no dues or formal membership. It is an ad hoc group existing primarily to hold annual meetings which move among various host institutions in the Midwest each fall. The 2017 meeting was held at Western Michigan University; that of 2018 will be held at Marquette University. Other meetings have been held at such diverse places as the Universities of Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Illinois; Saint Louis, Purdue, and Ohio State Universities; and the Pontifical Institute for MediŠval Studies in Toronto. The MIDWEST MEDIEVAL HISTORY CONFERENCE also sponsors one or more sessions at the International Congress on Medieval Studies held each spring at Western Michigan University. It is one of the oldest -- if not the oldest -- constituent group of the Committee on Centers and Regional Associations (CARA) of the Medieval Academy of America.

The MIDWEST MEDIEVAL HISTORY CONFERENCE is, as its name implies, composed mostly of historians. Not that we don't enjoy the company of theologians, philologists, art historians, or literary critics, but we feel the necessity of occasionally meeting with colleagues from our discipline for a weekend of focused scholarship and good cheer. It is a wonderful group. Come to a couple of meetings and you'll find yourself accepted as a longtime associate. We are always anxious to make new friends, especially among younger faculty and graduate students. In fact we grant a modest subsidy -- currently, $150 -- to graduate students who read papers at the Friday afternoon sessions of the Conferences (which run from late Friday through Saturday). Friday afternoons have traditionally been reserved exclusively for papers by graduate students.

For more information or to be added to the Conference mailing list, contact our Secretary, Amy Bosworth.

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