Fifty-Seventh Annual


Marquette University


President: Timothy Smit, Eastern Kentucky University
Vice-president: Lezlie Knox, Marquette University
Amy Bosworth, Muskingum University
Treasurer: John Lomax, Ohio Northern University
CARA Representative: Amy Livingstone, Wittenberg University
Councilors: Laura Michele Diener, Marshall University; Linda Mitchell, Univeristy of Missouri, Kansas City
Program Chair: Bobbi Sutherland, University of Dayton
International Congress Session Organizer: Jessalynn Bird, Saint Mary's College

Midwest Medieval History Conference

Call for Papers

October 19 and 20

Keynote speaker: Carol Symes, PhD.

The Midwest Medieval History Conference seeks papers on all aspects of medieval history, especially those related to this year’s theme: Globalizing the Middle Ages. We welcome papers by graduate students, as well as senior scholars. The programming committee is also happy to receive papers addressing teaching, pedagogy, and digital humanities.

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