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This is an ongoing project to collect information and lore from all past Midwest Medieval History Conferences.  If you can help, please contact Thomas Madden.  Special thanks to R. Dean Ware (University of Massachusetts - Amherst), Richard "Skip" Kay (University of Kansas), and Martin Arbagi (Wright State University) for keeping such excellent records and making them available.

The Meetings

Year Host
1963 Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
1963 Saint Louis University and Washington University
1964 Michigan State University
1965 Loyola University, Chicago
1966 Indiana University
1967 Creighton University
1968 University of Cincinnati
1969 University of Illinois
1970 University of Wisconsin - Madison
1971 University of Michigan
1972 University of Iowa
1973 University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
1974 Cleveland State University
1975 University of Notre Dame
1976 University of Missouri - St. Louis
1977 Northwestern University
1978 Michigan State University
1979 St. John's University
1980 Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto
1981 Ohio State University
1982 Purdue University
1983 University of Kentucky
1984 Northern Illinois University
1985 University of Illinois
1986 Case-Western Reserve University
1987 University of Wisconsin - Madison
1988 Illinois State University
1989 University of Notre Dame
1990 Ohio State University
1991 Saint John's University
1992 Purdue University
1993 University of Notre Dame
1994 Wright State University
1995 Northern Illinois University
1996 Saint Louis University
1997 Bradley University
1998 University of Notre Dame 
1999 University of Cincinnati 
2000 Wittenberg University
2001 Saint Louis University
2002 Indiana University
2003 University of Notre Dame
2004 University of Tennessee
2005 Illinois State University
2006 University of Evansville
2007 Saint Louis University
2008 Denison University
2009 University of Notre Dame
2010 Ohio State University
2011 University of Missouri, Kansas City
2012 Indiana University
2013 Augsburg College
2014 Dominican University
2015 Indiana State University
2016 Middle Tennessee State University
2017 Western Michigan University
2018 Marquette University

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